Media for the Next Paradigm.

Next Paradigm Media is a consulting company assisting “conscious media” creators to bring projects to fruition.

Operating from the principles of co-creation, innovation and a triple bottom line, Next Paradigm Media works with its clients to build a secure operating infrastructure, an engaging web presence and a managed distribution system to ensure cross platform delivery of paradigm changing video and audio information.

Whether it’s interviews, conferences, music concerts or simple video blogs, we can help you from creation to distribution.

Based on experience in streaming media and content management since 1998, our team can help you strategize, navigate and realize your heartfelt expression in an era of paradigm changing technology.

LocatedĀ in Mill Valley, Next Paradigm Media is owned by Nic (Scott) Meredith, the founder of PayForView.com in 1998 and co-founder of Conscious Media Network in 2005, who has spent over 18 years working actively towards establishing “conscious media” as an accepted form of distributed information on the internet.

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Media for the Next Paradigm